A few reasons to choose personal training:

A personal approach – the personal trainer (PT) will train only you during your session, creating a training program suitable for your needs and goals. You will reach desired results faster and become more knowledgeable in all areas of training.

Beginners – if you haven’t trained much before, it is reasonable to get some expert advice from our PTs. They will help you with your technique and put together a training program if necessary.

Motivation and determination – it is easier to stick with the program with the help of a PT to keep you determined. Training alone usually ends up with us eventually quitting, however a PT will keep you motivated.

Health issues – if you have any health issues that make group classes not suitable, a PT can take it in to consideration and create a specific program just for you.

If you are interested of personal training and need to have more information about it then contact with anni.kabral@emu.ee .