1. Must be considerate of other patrons
  2. Patrons must wear clean sporting footwear and clothes
  3. Must follow safety rules in regards to other patrons and yourself
  4. Must use the equipment  for its intended purpose and use it prudently
  5. No food or drinks allowed in the halls (except sports drinks)
  6. It is forbidden to use any glass bottles or breakable objects
  7. It is forbidden to remove any equipment from the hall
  8. After use, all equipment must be placed back to where it belongs
  9. Any equipment must be used in turns with other patrons
  10. When lifting maximum weights, a spotter is mandatory
  11. After using barbells, weights must be taken off immediately
  12. After use, all equipment must be wiped down with a paper towel and spray provided
  13. Any intentional breakages of equipment must be compensated in full
  14. Any unintentional breakages must be reported to customer service immediately
  15. In special circumstances (i.e fire alarm), staff instructions must be followed
  16. Patrons under  the age of 14 are not allowed to use the gym without supervision
  17. EMÜ Sports Centre is not responsible for patrons’ health conditions
  18. EMÜ Sports Centre is not responsible for any personal belongings  left unattended